The subject Vitamins for Horses or supplements and Joint Supplements as they are also known, can be a complete minefield.

Vitamins and supplements can and are of great use for the well being of your equine friend, BUT please be aware, as with humans, you can overdose on certain vitamins and it can lead to serious illness and in certain cases death.

If you have a particular long standing problem with your horse, please consult your vet who will be able to carry out a simple blood test and check to see if any vitamins or trace minerals are missing from your horses diet.

Feed companies today have advanced laboratories and the research into what goes into your horses feed is far greater than ever before, so it may also be worth having a chat with your feed company, as they may be able to suggest something to help.


Have you ever read the back of your feed bag?


It really does make interesting reading and you may find he does not need a supplement for energy, just a different type of feed.

Please remember if you change anything in your horses diet, do it slowly, if you are using a different feed introduce it to his diet over a period of a week or so. Any sudden changes can cause colic.

My horse does not have any hard feed, but to make sure he has all the minerals and vitamins he needs he has a feed balancer and this has worked well for us for several years.